Front Range

A concert overture for full orchestra (3322 4331 Timp+2, Strings)

Winner of the Lawner Prize for Outstanding Composition by a student composer at the University of Kansas

Premiered on February 17, 2012 by the University of Kansas Symphony Orchestra

Program Note:

It is an experience shared by many people traveling west in this great country, and has produced legendary songs and folktales. Hardly a change could be more dramatic than the stunning transition from the broad, expansive prairie of the American Midwest, to the towering peaks of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. This piece seeks to capture the excitement of the approach to the Front Range from the first glimpse of the summits on the horizon to the ever-increasing awe as you soar over the majestic mountains themselves in your mind’s eye. The work is loosely programmatic and is anchored by several statements of the opening motive.